According to Wario64, an always reliable source of video game news and leaks, Ark Survival Evolved delayed its festive in-game event earlier this morning and maybe the reason why the game is not free on Epic Games Store.

“People are asking what happened to Ark as a free EGS title today. According to the developers, a celebration event in the ARK game is postponed until June 11 due to the protests. The free gift is likely related to ‘event.”

Epic Games also announced today that the next free game on EGS is a mystery game. The next game will be revealed next week on Thursday June 11. We have £ 10 to be ARK: Survival Evolved. It seems that the rumors were incorrect and it is not Ark: Survival Evolved that we will have after all.

Instead, players are offered the incredible Overcooked – the crazy multiplayer cooking game that will test your friendships and reflexes all at once. You can download the free game and find out more about this week’s title from the Epic Store.

The Epic Games Store will continue this impressive free game offering this week, as players prepare to download a new title once Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is no longer available for free.

So it’s a fairly uncontroversial opinion to have to say that Epic is really taking it out of the bag. As of this writing, we are not sure what the next game will be – but leaks suggest that we will see Ark: Survival Evolved arriving as the next free title for the free download from the Epic Games Store.

So far, the leaks have also been fairly accurate, but we don’t want to promise anything until Epic assures us that it will. So take the rumors with a pinch of salt.


Assuming that we will see Epic update its store at the same time as the previous weeks, we may have an idea when we will see the game coming.

GTA 5, Borderlands and Civilization 6 went online at 4 p.m. BST. So we imagine that you will be able to download Ark: Survival Evolved from 4 p.m. on June 4.

It should be noted that in the previous weeks, Epic Games Store disconnected or encountered server problems when the games switched. You may want to keep this in mind when making your plans if you want to play Ark tomorrow.