Twitter updates its COVID-19 guidelines on Wednesday to limit the spreading of disinformation on its platform. This includes unverified 5G allegations. It made it clear to delete all tweets whose content is misleading people. Also, it will delete any unverified information which may encourage people to “engage in harmful activities”.

This twitter update comes as attacks on telecommunications infrastructure in the UK and Ireland are linked to curbing conspiracy theories linking 5G technology to the spread of the coronavirus.

The damage to infrastructure was condemned by the NHS in the United Kingdom, whose director called the conspiracy theories “absolute and absolute trash.” The scientists also said that a link between the coronavirus and 5G is “biologically impossible”.

Updated Guidelines

It was tweeted that Twitter have expanded its guidelines on unverified allegations that induce people to engage in harmful activities, which possibly could damage or destroy critical 5G infrastructure, or could cause widespread panic, social unrest, or make large-scale unrest.

It was included in the COVID-19 guide, examples of the type of tweets that could be deleted by Twitter. The updates include tweets with statements such as: “The National Guard has just announced that there will be no more food shipments arriving for two months – run to the grocery store as soon as possible and buy everything” or “5G causes a coronavirus – go destroy cell towers in your neighborhood. “

Removal of other Covid-19 related content

While speaking with TechCrunch, a Twitter spokesperson said, “We prioritize deleting COVID-19 content when it has a potentially harmful call to action.” As we said earlier, we will not take coercive action on every tweet containing incomplete or disputed information about COVID-19.

Check Twitter updates on safety here:

“Since the introduction of these new policies on March 18, we have deleted more than 2,200 tweets. While we have doubled in technology, our automated systems have disputed more than 3.4 million accounts that targeted discussions around Covid-19 with spam or manipulation behaviors. “

The company has removed tweets that contain misleading or unverified content that could increase the chances of someone getting or passing Covid-19. This includes refusing expert advice, encouraging the use of false or ineffective treatment, prevention measures and diagnostic techniques, as well as misleading content purporting to come from experts or authorities.

On March 16, Twitter joined Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, YouTube, and Reddit to commit to fighting misinformation related to coronaviruses.