Bleeding Edge seems to has some interesting skins which come with the best features of their character. Do you want to learn how to find those amazing skins and equip them with the character of your choice? Here is a way to acquire your objectives.

If you are among the players who familiarize themselves with MOBA titles, the Bleeding Edge melee combat arena will feel right at home. The game brings a different approach to the genre of the combat arena, with a slightly strange learning curve.

The cyberpunk aesthetic gives its characters a unique presence and personality, apart from titles such as Overwatch, Paladins and Realm Royale, which have their own dedicated player bases.

Bleeding Edge’s list of wild and unique fighters has skills and techniques that complement their physical outfit and overall concept. Although slightly difficult to master, spending enough time with one of these characters will strike you.

Mastering the skills and knowing how to use combos will increase your chances of winning and will really give each fighter a unique feeling; as well as the application of a modest number of skins and emotes, in order to make your fighter more personalized. With the game in just over two weeks, it is still in the early stages of releasing small patches and fixes for any issues that may arise. As the game works better and stabilizes, many other customization items should be on the way. This guide will show you how to acquire and use these skins.

How to Win Skins in Bleeding Edge

In Bleeding Edge, there are two types of currencies, orange credits indicated by a cent symbol and mod points which are blue and indicated by a gear symbol. Earning money in Bleeding Edge is fairly simple; play the game, that’s all. Fortunately, there are no outside payments involved in this game, so all you gain is spending time with your controller and starting these matches.

Rank your character and your overall level gives you money, and each level you reach gives you a bonus amount. In addition, certain exploits and achievements in the game will increase the amount you earn, such as “superior healing” or “MVP”. Players can earn between 20 and 100 credits per game depending on your performance, and the skins will work at least 2000.

How To Access your skins in Bleeding Edge

Once a player has acquired enough credits to buy a skin or to view them at any time, they can be viewed from “Workshop” in the main menu. Once selected, a character selection screen will appear and clicking on the desired character will take you to another menu to access the elements that are specific to them.

The Mods are the first, the Boards in second, the Emotes in third and the Skins in fourth, and a modest Bio character in fifth and last. Once you click on Skins, that’s it! A loading icon will appear and after a while, all available skins will appear. It is possible to rotate your character and an elegant antique mirror on the back gives you a double view of your character.

You can switch between emotes and skins using the LB and RB buttons while switching between characters with LT and RT. There is therefore no need to back up and return.

Bonus for you

As mentioned earlier, the current skins are listed at 2000 credits each. Currently, each character has around 2-3 additional skins that are currently available since the launch of Bleeding Edge. Emotes and on-board cosmetics are much cheaper, so when it comes to skins, choose wisely!