Samsung and Google would team up to developing a custom processor. The chipset is intended for use by Google, but its final application remains a mystery. The present development of custom chipset will be manufactured on Samsung’s new 5nm manufacturing node.

A new custom processor is under development at Samsung. The application or process-specific processor will possibly be used by Google. The processor is said to be in development and could be mass-produced in the same year. It is not clear whether Google intends to use the new processor inside future Pixel smartphones or for any other purpose.

Samsung Develops Custom Octa-core Processor for Google

Samsung is currently developing a new custom SoC. The custom-developed processor will be manufactured on the new 5nm process technology and is designed for Google. The new SoC could be an octa-core processor, according to some reports. Of the eight cores, four will be energy efficient Cortex-A55s, a pair of Cortex-A78s and two Cortex-A76s.

While the South Korean company will source all hearts, Google will offer an ISP (Image Processing Processor) and a NPU (Neural Processing Unit with chipset. The SoC could arrive with Mali MP20 for the graphics core, while some reports suggest a Borr microarchitecture.

Samsung would have created a divided internal department, comprising 30 employees responsible for developing the new personalized SoC. We still don’t know if Google will present the next chipsets on its budget Pixel devices. However, depending on the quantity and types of components of the new SoC, Google may have larger plans. The company could integrate these chips into a new range of low-budget Android smartphones with 5G support.

Samsung might forget its internal Exynos components for standard third-party graphics and cores

Some Samsung users have encountered problems with the Exynos chipset. They claimed that their devices had become slower, that the chipset had degraded the skills of the camera and the battery life. Samsung is now likely to change. The company is said to have refused to integrate ARM Mali graphics. Instead, it will use AMD graphics chips in its Exynos chipsets.