You can now get the first ever 1TB MicroSD card from stores. You can get it directly from the SanDisk online store at a price of $450. You can also get it for Amazon Prime delivery in some parts of European countries such as Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom (UK). As at the time of this article publication, the card lists on Amazon’s US website, however, it claims its currently not available for sale. You can get the Extreme version of this card with $585 (about 523Euro) in Europe regions.

The price for the card is amazing as at now when compares with the 512GB microSD card with the similar transferring speed specifications sells for less than half of the 1TB’s price which sells at $200.

First Ever 1TB MicroSD Card

1tb microsd card

The Milpitas-based company released the statement about the first ever 1TB MicroSD card by claiming that it could reach up to 160 MB per-second and also transferring 4K video files to compatible devices. Also, it can speed up to 90MB per-second writing speed, but mainly for cameras that can only support the speed.

Amazon starts selling the 1TB version of the Sandisk Extreme. The card was announced earlier this year by the company. However, you can now potentially load your smartphone or camera with more storage space than your laptop. It’s quite amazing!

Beware of this fake Chinese 1tb microSD card

One thing about the card is that it’s temporarily out of stock, having moved out of preorder earlier this morning. This indicates that there might be a backlog in the orders.

The good news about SDSQXA1-1T00-GN6MA card is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Also, the company – Sandisk claims the card is waterproof, shockproof and x-ray proof. It also has a great speed which is up to 90MB per second. Also, the Sandisk Extreme compatibles with the new V30 speed class feature and can record videos at 4K without a jerk.