First Spring 5G devices are coming soon as they get a release date and decisive introductory offers. Just hours after Verizon launched real sales of the Galaxy S10 5G and more than a month after Big Red switched the 5G switch to some Moto Z3 markets, Sprint is doing so with many interesting announcements.

The “Now Network” will begin taking pre-orders for its first two 5G-enabled devices starting May 17, with commercial availability set to May 31 in four major cities. A host of other early 5G markets are vaguely scheduled to join the ultra-high-speed night in the “next few weeks”, but let’s focus first on the 5G products that Sprint launches in the arena against exclusivity (temporary ) from Verizon. Galaxy S10 5G.

Super-aggressive offers for the first users of LG V50 ThinQ and HTC 5G Hub

As expected, the V50 ThinQ 5G, which recently debuted in Korea after a short optimization time, is slightly cheaper than Samsung’s first 5G compatible smartphone, at a recommended retail price of $ 1,152. If it still sounds a little rich for your blood, Sprint can offer you a “huge” discount on time, which allows you to have this Snapdragon 855 beast at just $ 24 a month without having to pay a dime as soon as you do not have any. You do not mind signing an 18-month lease as the first sprint 5G devices are coming.

First Sprint 5G Devices Get Release Date and Decisive Introductory Offers

This represents an incredibly affordable total of $ 432 (with monthly billing credits), although it’s important to remember that renting a device is not the same as owning it. That being said, 5G technology is expected to undergo significant changes over the next two years. You may not want to keep the LG V50 long anyway.

At the moment, of course, the 6.4-inch is a pretty impressive plate with a big battery of 4000 mAh on the deck, as well as three rear-facing cameras, two forward-facing shooters, a 6GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and a showcase that Sprint is strangely mommy. Maybe he does not come to the United States?

Meanwhile, the HTC 5G Hub is also not what we would call cheap, with a standard price tag of $ 600, but you can also get that discount with a significant discount with a pay-as-you-go billing contract. two years. Specifically, you can pay $ 12.50 instead of $ 25 per month for a “limited time”, for a total of $ 300 after 24 installments. The smart hub embeds its own Snapdragon 855 SoC and Snapdragon X50 modems, hiding many tricks, including 4K streaming video capabilities on a second screen.

The HTC 5G Hub has a 5-inch screen that allows non-5G notebooks, tablets, phones, and TVs to easily enjoy the first Sprint 5G speeds.

5G markets and plans

First Sprint 5G devices revolution begins in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Kansas City on May 31. Availability will soon follow in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, and Washington. It is a relatively decent choice (and specific). ), even if Verizon’s promise to roll out 5G mobile services in more than 30 US cities by the end of the year is not up to par. Clearly, Sprint intends to bring its next-generation network to more people, but we do not know anything yet.

First Sprint 5G Devices Get Release Date and Decisive Introductory Offers

The final and perhaps most important part of the first Sprint 5G devices is launching puzzle and its price as Sprint’s “plan of choice” to pair with the LG V50 ThinQ and, one day, the Galaxy S10 5G as well. With Sprint’s Unlimited Premium option, you get not only unlimited 5G data, conversations, and SMS across the country, but also many additional benefits such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, Twitch Prime, Tidal HiFi, and 100 GB LTE. All for $ 80 a month for a line, which … does not seem excessive. Sprint says the package offers a monthly value of “almost” $ 150, which may well be true.

On the other hand, Verizon’s Above Unlimited package costs $95 per month for a single service line, with a $10 5G surcharge reduced to $ 0 at the moment if you buy a Big Red 5G phone. It’s worth noting that Sprint also offers a special $ 60 package for the HTC 5G Hub with only 100 high-speed data gigs included and a massive 2G demotion, yes, the 2G takes place once you reach that ceiling.