The Apple Watch Series 5 holds the title of the best-selling smartwatch and a version of it adorns wrists around the world – but it’s still not perfect.

Apple Watch 4 is the most stylish device of the company to date. It is at the top of our list of the best smartwatches which full of many new high-end features.

Series 4 saw Apple introduce an ECG monitor, fall detection, and up-to-date design to ensure that existing straps can still be used while providing more screen space.

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Judging by the last years, it will not be long before Apple tells us about a new device. A new Apple Watch should be launched with the new iPhone on September 10th. We will keep you posted live to bring you all the details.

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For now, we expect it to be called the Apple Watch Series 5 and, below, we’ve collected all the rumors we’ve seen so far, as well as a selection of improvements that we would like to see on the new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Series 5 Release Date

We do not know for sure when the Apple Watch 5 will be launched, but we are confident that it will be next September 10 with the next iPhone. Apple often presents its smartwatches alongside the new iPhone. This date seems likely because it is the next big Apple event.
Apple has announced that its next event will be held on September 10 and that the Apple Watch Series 5 should be part of the new product line.

As a general rule, new iPhones will be available for pre-order on the following Friday, September 13th, followed by an on-sale date on the following Friday – September 20th. It is not yet clear whether the Apple Watch Series 5 will follow the same publication structure.

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The watchOS 6 beta seems to indicate that new watches are about to be launched in time for the arrival of the new OS. There are references to ceramic and titanium watches of 44 mm and 40 mm, which do not currently exist. We will discuss this in more detail below, but this seems to indicate that there will be news related to Watch at the September Apple event, although it may be just a current model of Apple Watch 4.

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Although Apple tends to release a new Apple watch every year, this would be surprising. Apple seems to have settled into a regular exit pattern with its watches. After a gap of almost 18 months between the original and second-generation models, three consecutive launch events were organized in September 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well.

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  • Apple Watch (original): launched in April 2015
  • Apple Watch Series 1: September 2016
  • Apple Watch Series 2: September 2016
  • The Apple Watch Series 3: September 2017
  • Apple Watch Series 4: September 2018
  • Apple watch series 5: September 2019 hopefully

Apple Watch Series 5 Prices

  • We expect the Apple Watch Series 5 to start at £ 399.

Starting in May 2019, here are the current prices for Series 4 in its cheapest form (aluminum, with a sports band or sport loop):

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  • Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm, GPS only): £ 399 / $ 399
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm, GPS only): £ 429 / $ 429
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm, Cellular): £ 499 / $ 499
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm, cell): £ 529 / $ 529
  • If you want a stainless steel body, the price starts at £ 699 / $ 699, and some of the more classy straps can cost up to £ 1,499 / $ 1,499.

These figures are all an improvement over previous years, which corresponds to a general trend observed recently by Apple, which has also experienced a fairly radical price increase for its iPhone and iPad ranges. We hope that the era of inflated prices will not last long and that the company will aim to import Series 5 at the same starting cost as Series 4.

As always in these discussions, however, we must mention Brexit. This has been delayed, but is expected to continue in 2019, and the political fallout from this event could lead to a loss of confidence in the pound. If this is the case, UK consumers will probably have to pay more for imported products.

Apple Watch 5 Rumors and News

So far, we’ve heard a lot about the Apple Watch Series 5 and, although it’s not as far as we’ve heard about the iPhone 11, it gives us a clue to what we’ll see.

Kuo reports with the hope that Apple will provide support for the ECG monitor to more countries with the Apple Watch 5 (although this could also be a software upgrade for the Apple Watch 4), as well as a new way to recharge your watch.

He thinks Apple will adopt a two-way wireless charging on its next generation of smartphones, which means you can place your Apple Watch on the back of an iPhone 11 and charge it with the phone’s battery.

The design might not change much though, with the image disclosed above supposedly showing an Apple Watch 5 and looking a lot like the Apple Watch 4.

A Reuters report also announced that Apple would turn to Japan Display to make OLED panels for Watch 5. This would probably have no effect on the final product, but it is interesting to see that the company is already preparing its contract manufacturing for that. It is the device of the year.

A patent filed by Apple shows a system that monitors chemicals in the air to “smell”, which could track your body odor or detect the quality of the air where you train.

A manufacturer of blood glucose meters has also confirmed the manufacture of a device-specific to the Apple Watch, which may indicate that we are closer to seeing a discrete technology version included in a future Apple smartwatch.

According to another rumor, the Apple Watch 5 could be the first Apple laptop to integrate Wi-Fi Assist technology.

It’s unlikely to be on the Apple Watch 5, but the new accessory could work specifically on the next-generation Apple Watch.

Specifications and new Features

  • What we want and expect to see on the next Apple Watch

What we’re waiting for, however, is more healthy and fitness features, perhaps picking up on Garmin’s style with more racing features, like cadence tracking, for example. Garmin is also doing a great job in allowing users to share their shopping or their activities so we are not surprised to see Apple shoot this book. Check out what Apple has already announced for watchOS 6 below.

We would like the battery enhancements to match other smartwatches on the market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch, as well as an always-on display for the 5 Series, as well as roaming and tracking features. It would also be interesting to see the Apple Watch unlock more. Rather than simply unlocking your Mac, it could also be used as a desktop key card, for example.

Apple Watch Series 5 Camera

Apple has filed a patent that suggests the company has explored ways to add steerable cameras to the Apple Watch. The concept is an Apple Watch group with a built-in camera at the end of the bracelet. This would allow the watch to take pictures and videos, the main screen of the Apple Watch serving as a viewfinder.

According to the patent, the lens can pivot on the tape and “allow the smartwatch to capture images and videos from angles and orientations that do not directly depend on the angle and orientation of the rest of the smartwatch “. if Apple wants to use this feature on an upcoming Apple Watch.


Most people outside the Apple journalism bubble would say that the 4 series looks exactly like the previous three Apple watches, and it’s hard to argue – the overall design language, curves, and edges, proportions, are all close or the same as before. However, in a world of iterative updates barely perceptible (and following three models that really resembled each other), we can recognize that the design changes in Series 4 were comparatively radical.

Essentially, the screen is bigger but flatter and you get a lot more screen space without having to carry too much weight on your wrist. Okay, it’s not quite up to go to a round display, but we take what we can get.

Anyway, the history of the design of the Apple Watch prompts us to expect great changes in the 2019 update. With a design virtually identical for three generations and four models, we expect to what Apple keeps things to the same thing this time – perhaps it brings back the ceramic case, as predicted by Ming-Chi Kuo for 2019 – and we focus on the internal changes to the 5 Series.

Indeed, it seems that there will be a ceramic case for a new watch this fall: the watchOS 6 beta contains references to a ceramic model of sizes 44mm and 40mm – the previous ceramic case was intended for series 42mm and 38mm 3 Watch So we know that this is a new watch. These new watch finishes may not be indicative of the launch of a Watch 5 in time for the launch of watchOS 6 – these may just be new Apple Watch 4 options.

Health Characteristics

The long-awaited glucose sensor may finally appear, for example, while we would like to see the accelerometer’s performance improved so that the device is able to more reliably guess the job than the user. started doing it and doing it faster.

Some even believe that Apple Watch Series 5 will be able to detect toxic gases, which could be very practical.


The Apple Watch does not have the worst battery life for a smartwatch, but it also does not have the best.

The Apple Watch Series 4 has the best battery we’ve seen so far on a smartwatch company … but we always want more from Apple Watch Series 5.

Perhaps Apple could improve its processing technology to take advantage of the battery that was already inside, or maybe the company would include a larger cell to improve the life of the battery.

Apple can even take a radical step and include a low battery mode, as we have seen on other watches, such as the TicWatch Pro.


The first obvious thing is that the Apple Watch Series 5 will come with a custom-built S5 processor that offers theoretical speed gains over the previous generation – but that will not happen under real-world conditions, as the Series 4 will always work. all available applications and the current operating system with ease.

The S5, however, will offer better protection against the future. At the time of this writing, the originals and series 1 and 2 indicate their age and the 3 and 4 will probably stop offering maximum performance at high speed about two and a year earlier than series 5, respectively.

Sleep Tracking Feature

The Apple Watch excels at monitoring health and fitness, but it lacks an essential element: the watch has no built-in application to record your sleep, which is an important factor in assessing your general state of health. Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung all offer native sleep monitoring, although only Fitbit is present on devices like Fitbit Versa. WatchOS App Store offers third-party sleep tracking apps, but we’re curious to see how Apple will fix it.


Embedded storage has been upgraded relatively recently (16GB was introduced on Series 3 for cellular models only and included in all Series 4 models, all previous releases come with 8GB) and has a tendency to be a low priority for portable equipment. For these reasons, we expect the 5 Series to come back with 16GB.

Support for Android

Here is the one on the list that we are almost sure will not happen, but we include it anyway. We would like Apple Watch Series 5 to support Android devices.

In the five years since the announcement of the original Apple Watch, we have always wanted that, but the company has limited compatibility to its own range of iPhone.

Android Wear began as a platform for Android phone users, but a few years in the business opened support for the iPhone. This was a major benefit for the company and, finally, more than a third of its users were using an iPhone. Would not that mean an increase in sales for the Apple Watch if it suddenly worked with Android devices?

Apple has made one of the best smartwatches that can be bought, why not share it with everyone? It will probably not happen, but we can dream.