Apple is launching a new iPhone that will be much cheaper than the models it launched last fall at a time when the economy was booming and the pandemic had not yet forced people to rethink their spending.

The second-generation iPhone SE which launched on Wednesday will sell for as little as $399, a 40% cut from the most affordable iPhone 11 which was launched in the year 2019.

iphone se

The iPhone 11 high-end versions sell for more than $1,000. Whoever wants to order online for this SE will be able to do so as it’s going to start on Friday. This means the first deliveries should be expecting to be made on April 24.

Many people had started to back off from the substantial prices of some smartphones even before the pandemic. Such smartphones are those that weren’t much better than the ones they are using. This prompted Apple to put more emphasis on music and video services to more than a billion people who carry at least one of their devices connected to the Internet.

Apple maps its products several months in advance and the new iPhone SE is not a direct response to the economic collapse caused by the pandemic. Even if the iPhone SE will sell at a price that seems appropriate for the tough times ahead, it’s an extremely difficult time to introduce a product as it was reported.

New iPhones usually come out with a lot of fanfare in a Silicon Valley theater named after Apple founder Steve Jobs, who revolutionized the market when he introduced the first iPhone in 2007. The spring event of the smartphones has never happened in the present year due to the pandemic.

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The launched Phone is essentially looks same as the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which was released in 2017. The smartphone will not share the same cameras and screens as the new iPhone 11 models. However, the iPhone SE will be powered by the same A13 processing chip as that of the more expensive iPhone 11. It is also slightly larger than the previously released iPhone products as it is comes with a 4.7-inch screen.

There is a notable change as iPhone SE brings back the home button from the iPhone 11 line. It also familiar with a button to accommodate larger screens that can handle the highest quality videos and pictures.